July 17

July 17

A loud thunderstorm overnight! Heavy rain continued into the morning hours. Jorge, Nico, and I left the house slightly later than intended [starting to see a trend there] and headed to a large mall, with parts inside and outdoors. The downpour concluded not long after we arrived, and it was sunny for the remainder of the day.

Nico had to go to the Apple store, to receive assistance with his phone and computer. The three of us were there for about half an hour, Jorge was also looking at headphones. Eventually Jorge and I left to go do other things, Nico wasn’t done with tech support there..

We were looking around a department store at clothes for a few minutes, and then we went upstairs. Came across some toys, waterguns, etc. Jorge (13) suggested that we buy a few nerf guns so we could have a battle at home. So we each bought a small handheld one, and left the store. I think we shared a donut after that, and as we were walking, he asked if we could open the guns in the mall. At first I didn’t think we should, but then I thought “Why not!”. We cracked them open, and began shooting at each-other while in the outdoor area of the mall. Eventually, our antics made it inside, up an escalator, and into a department store. Possibly the very same one where we had purchased the toys. An elevator was also used, to assist in a quick getaway.

That went on for a bit, then we checked out another store, Jorge looked at some electronics, as well as some housewear [he likes to cook]. The last place we were was a couch and mattress store. Sat on various different chairs and love-seats, while still waiting for Nico. We were supposed to be home by 2:30 for lunch, but arrived just before four. Had a pasta salad style dish, a schnitzel kind of thing, and some tomatoes chopped up, prepared by the housekeeper. With each meal so far, cut up pieces of baguette are served in a basket. I read online that we don’t usually put them on the plate with our food, and that’s what I’ve noticed as well. If you take a piece, it usually stays in-front of your plate, instead of on it. You can also use it to push food onto your fork or spoon, kind of neat.

Nap time after that, for jut over an hour. Woke up, waited for Nico to get ready, and then the three of us walked a few minutes from the house to see some sights. This is called Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza.

This building is called Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, translating to Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar.

We tried to go to the top of one of these buildings [can’t remember which one], but they were closing soon, so couldn’t. Will try tomorrow. We did make it in to building of the second picture. A large cathedral, architecture with an attention to detail. Lots of work put into it. No photos permitted, but the ones I did take didn’t really show much. There were lots of people looking around, some participating in a service, etc.

Rode a scooter for a few minutes after that just for fun, then kept walking, to the other side of the water, opposite to the building we had just been in.


Went home for dinner, and had the exact same as we had for lunch. The kids’ Mom had returned home from work [wasn’t there for breakfast or lunch] and said that she knew we had already eaten this food today. but apparently the housekeeper [a vacation relief temp] had made a huge amount of food.

Weather began with rain [as mentioned earlier] but turned sunny, got up to maybe 30 again.

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