July 18

July 18

Jorge made pancakes from scratch this morning, and we went out around 1. Got up to the top of the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Three euros, an elevator ride halfway up to an area with a open-air nice view, and then some narrow, winding stairs up to the top, with a glass-enclosed area. Beautiful views of the city made for great pictures.

It’s about a ten minute walk from the house, and after that, we checked out a few stores. Got home after 2:30 to a lunch prepared by the housekeeper. Lentejas [lentil soup], followed by Pechugas [A schnitzel style dish].

A short bit of down time, and then we got ready to head to a castle. Slightly delayed by the two brothers having an argument, but eventually got on our way. Rented an electric scooter (0.25 CAD/Min.) for about a 10 minute ride.

This castle is called the Palacio de la Aljafería. [More info here]. It is a huge building, with many different rooms, which took us a long time to see. Lots of security around inside, all with loaded pistols, in case of someone attempting to steal a priceless artifact I guess.

Rode back home after that, and then Nico went to play a soccer game at the country club. Jorge and I went an hour later, our plan was to go for a swim once he finished soccer. The two of us argued out front of the house about who would rent the scooter that was right there, and who would walk down the street to get another one. He eventually went off to get it, and I followed him on my two wheels. Not 30 seconds into the ride, two police offers stopped me and said that I wasn’t allowed to be riding here. Apparently neither the road nor sidewalk were viable options, so I had to push it for a bit. Feld like asking “well where can I ride it”, but decided against it. Used the bike lane when on the main road, but Nico seemed to think we are allowed to utilize the road when no bike lane is available.

Saw the last few minutes of his soccer game, and then headed for the pool. We got their late in the evening, just 5 minutes before it closed for the night ]9:30 ish]. Nico decided to go in for a short time anyway, but Jorge and I opted not to.

Road home and ate dinner, marking the end of the night.

Sunny and 30 or so today.

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  1. Mom

    Glad you got to the top of the Basilica. Nice view! Food pics? I’m wondering about the prices of food at restaurants too. I’m surprised that Nico doesn’t seem to know the rules about the scooters and where you can and can’t ride them. That’s frustrating. And why didn’t you know that there wouldn’t be time to swim before you made the plan? That was too bad.

  2. Phyllis

    Haha “road home” lol. Starting to see a trend here with some different illegal activity each day. Sounds adventurous & fun. LOVED the photo from the Basilica. Hope there’s no arguing tomorrow. I’m at Ben’s. Goodnight.

  3. riley312p

    Mom – I didn’t ask about the rules until after. Prices vary at restaurants, depends how fancy you get. Guess they didn’t know that the pool closes at that time.

  4. Marj Sweet

    Loved that view! Was it scary climbing that little staircase? Are you getting enough food? You always luck out with the housekeepers cooking wherever you go it seems!

  5. riley312p

    Marj-Wasn’t scary climbing, but it was strange going around and around and around. Housekeepers seem more common in other countries than at home!

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