July 19

July 19

Today we took the bus to the same mall we had been to the other day, but I think Nico wanted me to see the outdoor area when it was sunny, as last time part of the visit was a torrential downpour.

Waited for a bit while he looked at things in the soccer store, and then we went to the Apple store, so Jorge could get some headphones. Sat around for ten minutes, then decided I didn’t want to waste time, so got up and started looking through a few stores. A while later, we went downstairs to an Italian restaurant which we had made a reservation for when we had first arrived to the mall. Sat out on the patio, and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The food was great, the service was not. Someone took our order, another brought it out, and that was it. A long time after finishing, someone finally came out to clear the plates, but Jorge had to go inside to ask for the bill, nobody was tending to us. A while after that, we ordered some dessert [on a separate bill] and that took forever to come as well. As we were paying the second one, I said to the waitress “pretty slow service here, eh?” although I’m not sure she understood. Ended up being there for 2 and a half hours, although some of that was spent talking.

Jorge looked at the Lego store for a few minutes, and then we headed home. But before we left, I noticed something which I had never seen here up until this point…..a water fountain! We had just left the restaurant, so I didn’t need it, but it was there!

A nap at home, then to the club on scooters for a quick swim. Left a bit later than we should have, changed at home, and met their Mom at a restaurant down the street for dinner. Jorge had a meal for himself, but the three of us ordered several plates to share, mostly things that they wanted me to try. It seemed like the food just kept coming. Finished one thing, and another plate was being set down. Didn’t catch the names of all of the dishes, but the first was some sort or potato salad, then came something that was like a small samosa, next, a meat dish, followed by tomato on bread, some Spanish ham, and a few other things too.

Jorge and I got a gelato on our way home, a cool treat for a warm evening.

Hot and sunny all day, up to 35 or so, maybe a degree or two more. Hard to get to sleep in a warm room, doesn’t help that we are on the top floor.

This was a statue near the restaurant which Nico wanted me to see. It was some sort of patriotic statue, but he wasn’t sure of the history. After further googling, I can see that it is called Monumento a los Sitios de Zaragoza (Monument to the sites of Zaragoza). His family used to come here often when the kids were younger. I was able to find a page about it here, you may have to translate it.

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  1. Phyllis

    Hello. Seeing another pattern emerging here. They sleep in every day, nap after lunch, eat dinner very late. By my standards. Are the boys fairly close? Amazing heat there, loved your dinner description. Goodnight.

  2. riley312p

    Phyllis – An afternoon nap is normal for people in Spain. Google “Siesta”. Apparently lunch is eaten in early to mid afternoon, and dinner is eaten around 9 or so. Boys are somewhat close, but do tend to argue. 40 degrees forecasted for next week.

  3. Marj Sweet

    What? Brothers arguing? Never heard of that!
    Love the statue and fountain! Dinner sounds amazing! I’m wondering if you’re getting any of my comments as it keeps saying “awaiting moderation “ or something.

  4. riley312p

    Marj-Have never heard of two siblings arguing! Dinner was very nice! Comments must be approved before they are visible, to prevent dumb “Mom” comments from appearing, which drag my social status and popularity down

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