July 20

July 20

Somewhat of a quiet day. Nico and I left after noon or so, while Jorge and his Mom went for a run. We went a few minutes down the streets and checked out several clothing shops. I slapped my Visa down a few times, and came back to the house a few hours later with some new apparel.

His Mom had made pasta for us, which was thoroughly, and quickly, enjoyed. Didn’t do much after that. I was on my computer for a bit, then had a nap. I believe everyone else was also relaxing and possibly resting too. Nico went to the gym after a while, and I went out for a walk. Noticed the sun reflecting on a building, and ran around the corner to see this magnificent sunset. Colours edited slightly for enhanced viewing purposes.

That was taken in the same areas as the one I posted the other day.

Dinner was served just before 10 PM, and a family friend (I want to say his name was Pablo) joined us for the meal. Some traditional Spanish food (ham, etc.) was consumed, and some nice conversation was had.

Heading to a new city tomorrow for a few days with the same family (and Pablo), stay tuned.

Up to about 35 with the sun shining again.

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  1. Phyllis

    No illegal activities, I’m disappointed. Sounds nice & relaxing though. You’ll have to tell us where you’re off to &why. Hope it’s fun & exciting.

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