July 21

July 21

Up and out of the house [all of us] by 10 AM  S H A R P !  We were all heading to San Sebastian, a popular beach destination found on the north coast of Spain.

Nico and I went in Pablo’s car, and I believe Jorge went with his Mom, and picked up the grandparents. It was about a 2 and a half hour drive, and arrived to a different climate than the other ones I’ve experienced in Spain. It was cloudy, and only about 24 degrees. We had just come from sun and above 30.

Staying in a hotel, and sharing a room with Nico. Not sure of sleeping arrangement for the other family.

We all took a walk down to the beach, which is huge! It is split up into two beaches, and takes a long time to walk. We were on the sidewalk above the beach, looking down, and could see people drawing things in the sand.

That white blanket there has coins on it, and the goal is for people above to tip the artist by throwing some money down.

Bumped into a few people that Nico’s family knew, and they chatted with each other for a few minutes.

About halfway along our walk, we stopped at an outdoor patio, and had a few drinks and some chips. Continued on, leisurely strolling along the seawall, until we reached the restaurant where we were going to eat. There was a bit of a wait, so we ended up getting another drink at a place down the way. Just before we got seated, we were joined by Nico’s aunt, uncle, and three cousins. His uncle is some sore of foreign diplomat, who is currently working in Poland, so the family is on vacation right now.

Seafood for lunch, and briefly talked to the waitor before I left. He was from Australia, and his wife from here. Made sure to throw in a “mate” before I departed.

The place we ate was at the opposite end of the beach from where we had began, so we started walking back, and a short while in, some of us returned to the hotel via a taxi, and a few continued on foot.

After getting back, Nico went down to the beach for some surfing with a friend, but I stayed home. Apparently the waves were too big for a beginner, so I didn’t go down.

I went out with the rest of the family later, to the old part of town. Had some finger-food at a place while standing around a small table outside. I believe that is called Tapas. Too tired to get more info on that.

Only here until tomorrow afternoon. Going back to Zaragoza after that.

Weather already mentioned, much different than what I’ve been used to.

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  1. Marj

    That was exciting to see! Nice beaches! Nice to see another country where they do so many things with family! And sounds like quite an active family with all the sports etc.
    Hope today is warmer!

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