July 24

July 24

An uneventful travel day. Up at 5:30 from the hotel/apartments where I spent the night. Quick shuttle ride to Madrid Airport [only me and the driver in the van] and breezed through bag-drop and security. No line-up for either. A decent sized airport, with 4 terminals I believe. Looked online to see what the food options were for me in Terminal 1, seems they have them all spread out between the terminals, so each one has different options. I had grabbed a fresh-squeezed orange juice on the way past a Starbucks, and then got a cookie and muffin from a small bistro or some kind of place. Minimal options were available, so ended up with those.

As I used the tongs to pull a muffin off of the displace case, it was apparent that the employees had crammed too many on the plate under the glass, as I watched one fall off of the plate, and onto the floor behind the counter. *Plop*. Went to pay for the food which had not been dropped, and didn’t hear anything of the mess behind the counter.

Flight to Toronto was delayed about an hour, and didn’t get going until about 10. I think it was a long 8 and a half hours to YYZ, not the most comfortable. When I got on, there was nobody in the row of seats with me, but as soon as I sat down, a french couple scooted in right next to me. They ended up spending some of the flight ‘necking’, as well as playing games on the in-flight entertainment. No conversation was had between us, and I slept on an off for most of the flight.

Lunch at the Toronto Airport [even though we were served food on the previous flight] and then waited a short while for the plane to Vancouver. Sat for just over two hours, and then was herded onto a full flight to YVR.

Nothing else to report. Got quite antsy toward the end of both flights, quite a bit for one day. Bags collected and onto the Canada Line train at YVR, took that downtown to Waterfront, and the big West Coast Express train to home. I think it works out to about 22 and a half hours traveling home, from when I first got up at the hotel, to arriving home.

Unsure of weather in Spain or Toronto, although I’m sure it was probably announced on the plane at some point. 22 or so at home with sun in the sky. Well, not like the sun would be on the ground or something…

That’s about it. Spain trip over, back to work tomorrow. A video to be posted here in the coming days. Be sure to check back to view it….or don’t, either way is fine. 🇪🇸

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  1. Phyllis

    I will so miss your days’ blogs, sorry for your long travel day. But very happy you had a wonderful time & are at last home safely. So many 1sts & new adventures. Hope you can post a photo of your new trim & wearing your new duds. Sleep well & gratefully. Love you.

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