Dec 21

Dec 21

Started this trip by leaving packing until the last moment, and then rushing around to get everything ready to go. I ended up getting a flight from Seattle direct to Guadalajara, as the ones from YVR didn’t work out well; A 17 hour layover in Denver didn’t sound too appealing to me.


Drove down to Seattle, saved over 45 minutes in the border line up with my handy Nexus card, and headed along the I-5. Knew I was in the states, when I drove past a large sign that read “GUNS” in big, red letters.

Took around three [3] hours, with heavy traffic, until I was there. I had booked a cheap place to park, and quite a hard time finding it. Apparently there is no physical building, just a parking lot. Quite difficult to explain via text, but will attempt.

The man working there told me to go around somewhere and park there. I thought he meant back onto the street, and around the other side of the building, which turned out not to be correct. Ended up pulling a u-turn at the following intersection. Back to square one. This time, there was a second patron talking with the worker. I was told that one of the other workers was driving a car across the street to the overflow lot. The customer in front of me was to follow the worker, and I would follow the customer, like a convoy.

The customer had to turn his car around before he could get to the street, and while he was trying to do that, the employee floored it out of the parking lot, up the street, completely out of view. I followed my co-customer up the block in search of the man, to no avail. Back I go to square 1.

This time, another customer was getting directions to overflow lot, and the worker who had taken off had already made it back (on foot) to where we were. We were to follow him again, as he was moving a different car. Apparently he was told to drive slow this time, but wouldn’t you know it, he took off once again. Had trouble finding where he went, but eventually made it.

There were a few of us bewildered customers all standing together, in the “overflow lot”, which was nothing more than an old grocery store parking lot, directly across the street from where we all had began. Were able to make some jokes about hoping our cars would all be there after our trips, and how this was the cheapest one we could all find online.

The shuttle showed up a few minutes later, and took us to SEA-TAC Airport. Took me a bit to find where to go, but eventually got checked in, and through security. After that, I had to take an subway train between areas in the airport, as they are spread out.¬†Got some sort of Thai-noodle bowl, which I didn’t really care for, but the pickings were slim.

Lined up to board, and noticed that I was probably the tallest one that would be flying. Seated at the very back of the plane, with the window seat on the right, there were two empty seats next to me. I noticed that boarding had completed, and they were preparing to close the doors, so began to wonder how I would make use of all of this extra room.

I guess all the regular passengers had boarded, but apparently there was still one group left to get on….the unaccompanied minors. Not sure if they were all related, but about 5 children got on and were escorted directly to the back of the aircraft. Ended up sitting next to a boy who seemed about 6, and his sister took the aisle. They appeared Mexican in nationality, the flight attendants communicated with them in Spanish, but they spoke to each other in perfect English, with no hint of an accents.

Didn’t really talk to my neighbours the entire flight, but we spent a lot of it sleeping. A majority of it was with the boy’s head resting on my shoulder, arm, or knee, but that wasn’t really an issue.

Most things on this Airline (Volaris) have a price. Snacks are not free, so the cart is wheeled up the aisle until someone who wishes to purchase something, flags it down. Realized that I could request a free cup of water, and did so when the opportunity presented itself.

These seats aren’t very comfortable…

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