Dec 22

Dec 22

Touched down in Guadalajara (GDL) just after 05:00, a bit late, and it was still dark outside. Took a bit to get offloaded, retrieve baggage,  and funnelled through customs, but made it out where my friend Elias H. was waiting for me.

Ended up heading to a breakfast buffet at a hotel, which had just opened when we arrived at 7. Had lots of different options, and was nice to have the area to ourselves, as people didn’t begin to show up until we were departing.

Headed home for a nap (he was up early to get me, and I didn’t get much rest on the flight) which lasted a little longer than it should have. Grabbed a shower, and headed out. Elias was taking me to surprise Andrés O. from Morelia, who was in GDL with his family visiting extended family. I had set it up with his mom, so when I told her I had arrived, she sent him to open the door, to find me approaching holding a bottle of maple syrup, and some Timbits. He was blown away.

I took a video, but in my haste to get to the door, I wasn’t watching where the camera was pointing. Ended up getting everything from the chest down,..

I was invited for breakfast, but had already ate, so me and Andrés sat on the patio talking for a bit, while he ate. Stayed for a few hours, then summoned an Uber to take me back to Elias’s house.

Can’t recall how much time passed in between, but at some point in the afternoon, the four of us (Elias, his parents, and I) drove to Tlaquepaque. Elias has two sisters, but neither of them came. I had been here before, but last time it was scorching hot. This time, the weather was much more temperate, and the town was decorated for Christmas.

We at a place with his family, his Mom’s cousin and his 5 year old son, and a family friend. I had the enchiladas, which were quite good, but I can’t recall what everyone else had. Elias had something with a sauce that was called Mole [Mole-eee].

Walked around the town for a bit after, looking at all of the different things that were set up. The last photo is of the little boy who was eating a crepe or waffle-like thing off of a food cart. Doubt it had a business permit.

Drove the 45 minutes back home, relaxed for a bit, and then headed out to a Posada in Tlaquepaque. I was told that was the word for it, but now that I look online, it doesn’t seem to be correct. Either way, we went to a large hall with tables and a stage, and we all sat together (Elias, his girlfriend, his parents, sisters, the same family friend from earlier). On the stage was a Mariachi band, performing songs that looked that they had been practiced more than a few times.

For a few songs, they brought out some sort of a Harp. Not sure if it was a regular one, or made special for Mariachi, but that is something you could google. They played for most of the evening, and there was also a singer who was on for a bit.

In between sets, dinner was brought out in courses to everyone in the room.  Started with snacks (chips, etc) around the table, which were promptly taken away and new ones brought, even before we had finished the first plate.

Each course had two dishes. Half of the table got one kind of dish, the other half got a different one. We had soup, a chicken dish, and cookies for dessert.

Got home and was in bed near midnight.

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  1. Mom

    Sounds like a great day! Love the mariachi!! You may want to add a photo or two of the family you are with. And don’t forget the photo of outside (and/or inside) the houses you stay at.

    Glad you’re having fun!

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