Dec 23

Dec 23

Elias had to work in the morning, and I took an Uber to have breakfast with Santiago & Patricio, who you may remember from last time I was here. They are visiting GDL for a few days, so I joined them, their Mom, and grandparents for a bite to eat.

After my quesadillas, we all piled into their SUV (Santiago in the hatchback part) and set off. I was told we were going to the mall, but it seems a few plans developed along the way. Grandpa needed to stop to do something with a shower-head, and then we dropped him off at the casino, as he can’t walk for long periods of time around a mall.

Thought we were heading right for the mall, but instead, stopped at the phone company store, so their Mom could put money on her tab. Next stop was to a market to pick up some groceries for the Christmas dinner. Took them back to Grandma’s house, and then finally set out for the mall.

Patricio and I split off from the other three, and we looked around in a few stores. It is quite a large mall, with open-air parts, expensive stores, etc.

I knew my friend Natalia was at the mall, but didn’t know where. Had a feeling I would stumble upon her, and eventually did. with her jaw hanging open, and staring in disbelief. Also met her friend who’s name I can’t recall, and her other friend Jaden, who was visiting from Maple Ridge.

Talked for a minute, then went back with Patricio, and met up with the rest of his family. They were upstairs choosing shoes for Santiago. Spent a few minutes with them, and then said goodbye. Elias came to get me, and we walked home.

Santiago, Me, Patricio


We were going to Chapala for an outing, as well as to surprise our friend JP. I was told [by his Mom] that he would be there until the morning of the 24th. We invited Natalia and her two friends to go with us. The drive took about an hour, and traffic was quite heavy leaving GDL.

Nat called JP once we arrived, and he said that he was leaving to go home that evening, but would call us back to see if we could meet before that. We sat at an outdoor place, and a few of the people I was with had a drink. Took a nice walk along the boardwalk, taking pictures of the beautiful sunset.

Elias and I

JP called back and said that we could meet in GDL later for some food, but that he couldn’t meet us in Chapala. Natalia told him that we could meet later, and mentioned all who would be coming. She spilled the beans/spoiled the surprise when she included my name in the roster that would be joining. It also didn’t help that Elias mistakingly posted a photo with me to social media.

Had dinner at a place with few customers, but had a nice view of the water. I had some sort of dish that was served in white-hot stone dish. Believe it was like a stir-fry, more or less.

Finished up, and then drove back to GDL. We had JP come over to the house once we got back. I sat in the room Elias and I share, and he brought him in. Turns out that because of both aforementioned things, he knew I was there. None-the-less, he was still happy to see me.

We went out to eat (again) shortly after, the three of us and Elias’s girlfriend. I wasn’t hungry, but they forced a single taco on me.

Almost time for Christmas!


Photo taken between smiles

Me and JP

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