Dec 24

Dec 24

Left home around 12:30, Elias was taking me to JP’s house. In tow, was the housekeeper and her young daughter. We were dropping them off somewhere, as it was on the way.

Stayed at JP’s for a bit, he was getting his suitcase ready, as his family was leaving for LA later in the evening. A quick trip to the pharmacy, back home to finish the last of the packing, and then I went with him, his brother, and his sister to their Grandma’s house for a Posada. His parents stayed at home a bit longer to finish their things.

We were in the backyard, and there was a big table set up, and a waitor tending to guests. I think he was from a catering company. A short time after we arrived (around 3:45) some more of the family got there. One of them turned out to be an American lady, Jude, who was married to JP’s uncle. She sat beside me, and was able to explain what Posada meant.

It is a broad term that can be used to describe a Christmas get-together in December. So it could be used in place of a Christmas dinner party.

Talked for a while with Jude, about where she’s from, etc. She’s lived here for many years, but had lived all around the US prior to coming here.

There were a few cousins (and second cousins) running around the back yard, playing with nerf guns, and a soccer ball. I was told that this was the second of two Posadas, the first had much more family in attendance, and it was on the 14th. But not everyone could come on the 24th, so this was a smaller group of people.

Dinner was a selection of things, a type of pasta with spaghetti noodles, mashed potatoes, a soup, some pork dish which I never got to, and I think there were a few other things as well. It was quite filling.

At one point, nearly everyone at the table said a few words and we all did a toast each time. JP’s Mom asked me to say a few words, I declined, but settled for saying Salud, which translates to Cheers.

Talked for a while with JP, Jude, and others, and then I left with JP’s family around 6:45.

Left to Right: Top Row – Oscar Sr. (Dad), Taide (Mom), Me, Oscar Jr. (Brother)

Bottom – JP, Paloma (Sister)

We raced back to their house, and they were all getting their stuff ready to go, as their flight left at 10pm. They ordered an Uber to take them to the airport, and then huffed all of their luggage down the stairs, and out to the curb. I ordered and Uber for myself, to take me back to Elias’s house. Said our goodbyes (around 7:15) as they loaded things into the SUV that had arrived for them, and as they were pulling away, my car arrived.

Turned out I put the drop-off location slightly to the east, so was dropped off on the wrong street. Had to walk a few minutes, but eventually made it home. A few minutes after arriving, we went to the local Catholic Church, for a Christmas Eve service. It started at 8:30, went for about 45 minutes, and then we [the 6 of us] went home.

I came upstairs, and took off my shoes, but Elias suggested that I should probably keep them on for dinner. I went downstairs to take a photo for them, but had not put them back on. There was a brief conversation between them all about shoes in the house, and they observed that in Canada, it is common to take them off when entering the house. Up until this point, I was the only one in socked-feet. It was then decided that it was probably more comfortable not to wear shoes, so I believe the two sisters and Elias’s Mom took theirs off. One of them went up and got big slipper boots to wear.

We mulled around the kitchen snacking, and then sat on the couch in the family room for a bit, talking and snacking some more. Spent a while doing that while the food heated in the oven. That’s right, two [2] Christmas Dinners in the same night!

Sat around the table and enjoyed some type of lasagna, a meat dish, spaghetti (but with more of an olive oil-type of sauce), and Ensalada Navideña. It was a Christmas salad, made up of cream, apples, raisins, and a few more things.

Elias’s Dad was the one who served my plate, and he sure piled things on there. With the exception of a few bites, I was able to finish everything i’d been given, and was able to cram down half a piece of cake, which I shared with Elias. Not sure what kind it was, but it had some chocolate on the outside, the cake part might have been vanilla, and the filling between the layers could have been raspberry.

At midnight, we had a toast, and all gave each other a hug. It was nice to have a small get together, just the immediate family and myself.

Passed out on the couch for a little bit, and then went up to bed, still stuffed from both dinners.

With Elias

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