Dec 25

Dec 25

Had a nice sleep in, and a late start to the day. Was still tired from all of the festivities yesterday, and didn’t have a shower until just before 2. Went to the nearby mall and met with Rodrigo V, he studied in Canada, and was most recently there working for a few months. Had an ice cream, and talked for a while at a table.

I used his car, and drove us back to Elias’s house, where we said goodbye.

Inside, Elias’s dad had been cooking up a storm on the grill. He made some sort of stir-fry, with some meat and veggies. Eating on the outside patio, I was served a plate of it, which I scooped into tortillas and added salsa, cilantro, and onions. Even after everyone had eaten, his Dad had put more food on the grill! Wasn’t sure who was going to eat it all, but then I was told that it was going to the security at the front gate, as a Christmas gift. Elias and his Dad each walked a tray of it down to the gate.

Talked with Elias and his friend Jose who was there, who I met last year while visiting this city. We were all stuffed, and lounged on the outdoor couch for a while. After a bit of doing that, Jose went home, and Elias and I went upstairs and sat on the couch up there. He turned on the basketball game, and we both were in and out of having a nap for just over an hour.

That game ended, and surprisingly, another one was beginning immediately, but he decided we would watch a movie instead. He selected Sing, an animated movie about animals who Sing. He had seen it before, but we both enjoyed it.

Went to bed after it finished.

Elias’s House

JP’s House

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