Dec 26

Dec 26

Elias went to work in the morning, while I stayed home. I messaged him around 2:30 and asked if we would eat when he got home, and he said he had just gotten home, and was on the back patio watching the soccer game on the outdoor TV. I went down, and the table had been set for a meal. His mom and the housekeeper were preparing an appetizer, Bacalao, which I believe is cod with salsa and peppers. I recognized this as something that I had eaten at JP’s dinner the other day, but this time, it was smeared on baguette.

A few minutes later, the Grandparents arrived and I joined them at the table for the Bacalao. I had quite a few of them, while waiting for food to be ready. I noticed that nothing was heating in the oven yet, but wasn’t sure why. We were just munching on the appetizers, and chatting.

After some more time had went by, the door opened, and in walked an Aunt with two cousins. I said to Elias “Is this a family meal?”. “Oh, yes it is!” he replied. More appetizers were served, and then finally, some food was put in the oven. We had some leftovers from the Christmas dinner, the lasagna, pasta, etc.

Had my fill, and then went to meet with a few friends. I took and Uber about 30 minutes south, and arrived at the a bowling alley. I met Diego, a former student who stayed with us, his girlfriend, and two friends Esteban & Octavio.

Diego and Girlfriend on left, Octavio in blue, Esteban in the white.


I dominated the round of 10-pin, and after a bit, we took off. We set course for one of the malls in the city, and they decided that the best way for us to get there was not for me to pay for an Uber, it was to hop on the public transportation bus.

Was told that it was for me to experience, even though I told them i’ve done it before. “You probably shouldn’t speak English, and don’t take out your phone”, is what I was told prior to boarding. The seats were uncomfortable, especially while I was sitting over the wheel-well, with decreased leg room. Moved forward, and was sitting in a seat that was in the reclined position, but that wasn’t how it was supposed to be. The ride seemed to take a while, and at one point, the driver pulled over the bus, and headed into a Pharmacy to pick something up.

Finally disembarked and walked to the mall. Got an ice cream and a donut, while two others got another snack for themselves. Sat, talked, ate, then walked around the mall a bit.

Walked to the bus stop, and Diego went with his girlfriend and her friend (who had met us at the mall) on the bus. I asked Esteban for a ride toward home from his Mom, as he lived nearby. Octaivo also joined us in the car.

Came home and got ready to sleep.

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