Dec 27

Dec 27

Relaxed for the first bit of the day, and then took an Uber to meet with Rodrigo P and Diego. They were students together who stayed with me during the spring.

I forgot to mention in the last post, that the Uber I took to the bowling alley told me that he was going to Vancouver, or at least that’s what I understood. Was a bit hard to understand him, but he showed me a document on his phone approving his travel visa, and said he is going in five days. After I got out, I added a nice nip for him on the Uber app. Am told that 50 MXN is quite a large tip, even though it’s only 3 or 4 CAD.

Met Rodrigo P in the mall Starbucks, and talked while we waited for Diego to show. When he arrived, we walked around for a bit, deciding where we would eat. Eventually ended up at Olive Garden, which I’ve never tried before. The food was sub-par, and I probably wouldn’t return.

After talking for a while, I took an Uber back home.

Later in the evening, Elias and I went out with two of his friends. The first stop was a Cerveceria, where we had a few drinks. Then took an Uber to a party nearby. The people there were from Elias’s old high school, all of whom were pretty nice. Talked with some people, and had a good time.

Uber home, sleep.

Realized I haven’t been talking much about the weather here. It has been mainly sunny every day, with the temperature ranging between 19 and 25 during the day. Apparently it rained the day before I arrived, but the forecast has been in my favour all week.


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