Dec 28

Dec 28

Elias and I left the house just before 1pm, and he took me to the centre of the city. I had been here briefly before, and was nice to see everything again. Can’t recall all of the names and purposes of the buildings, but here are a few photos I took.

After we had an ice cream, and bought some chips off of a street cart, we headed to the car. We spend just under an hour looking around.

Around 3, we drove back to near where Elias lives, and went to a dinner/gift exchange with his family. There weren’t a ton of people there, but maybe 20 or a few more. I played chess/checkers outside with the cousins for a bit, as seen in the photo below.

The main dish of the meal was called Pozole (poh-zoah-lay), which was like a soup. You can google it, but it was more of a water based broth, not tomato-style as the pictures online show. There were some things in it already, although I am unsure of exactly what they were. You could then add extra things to it, such as meat,  raddishes, onions, lettuce, chillis, etc.

After the food, we played a trivia game on an app called Kahoot. Everyone downloads the app on their phone, and that is where you select your answers. The questions are presented on a projector screen for all to see, and you can see how many answered for each question.

The questions were all about their family, which didn’t make it too easy for me. I knew a few of the answers, but mostly went with what Elias was choosing. I didn’t come dead last, which was nice. The first round, I think I was 11th out of 19, and the second I was 15th place.

There was a gift exchange, and then an “unwrap the present” type of game. Players had to roll a dice, and have it land on 6. You had to put on oven-mits, a hat, and sunglasses, then you could begin unwrapping. I never once got to even touch the present, because by the time I had the get-up on, the person after me had rolled a 6! None-the-less, it was fun.

We got back home around 10, and Elias’s Dad said he wanted to take us out to a restaurant for my goodbye dinner. Ended up at a fancy Italian restaurant, where he had me try several appetizers. I enjoyed the pasta I had ordered, and then he got some dessert for the table to share. A small capuchino cake, and some sort of cake with berries.

Didn’t get home until midnight!

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