Dec 29

Dec 29

Took Elias out for brunch, at the mall nearby his house. Not to the food-court, there are restaurants and cafes you can choose from. He had a sandwich, I had some sort of egg-dish, and I got a dish for us to share. I thought it was a grilled cheese, as that’s what it said on the menu. It seems that I misunderstood it, even though it was in both Spanish and English. I was expecting a grilled cheese sandwich, but instead got a type of cheese that had been cooked on a grill, and served in a type of salsa.

Took a look in a few stores, and then had to head to the airport.

It was about a 40 minute drive from the mall, as it was on the other side of the city. We had a hard time finding parking, but eventually managed to find someone who was leaving.

Elias took me inside, and waited while I got my bag checked. Check in was much quicker than expected, the line-attendant directed me to a different line than I had originally gotten in, which had no wait. Took two minutes, talked with Elias for a bit in the terminal, and then said goodbye. Was through security within five minutes, bought a few things, and found my gate. Had some time to relax before boarding.

Sat beside an American family, who kept alternating between the little boy sitting beside me, and the little girl. The boy was quiet, but the girl was talking and whining non-stop, opening the tray in-front of her, etc. The Mom would then SLAM the tray shut, which jarred the person sitting in-front of the girl.

Filled out my US customs card, which was all in Spanish. Turns out I do it electronically when I arrive, so wasted my time filling it out in the air.

Took 10 minutes to clear customs, and realized I could have used a special line-up with my Nexus card, but will know for next time.

Bit of a fiasco getting back to the airport parking lot. Took a while to get going once I was in the shuttle, other customers were complaining that it was taking so long, all of whom were rude Americans. Once we were at the lot, more complainers, wanting their car immediately, even though we had only arrived a few minutes ago. When they brought my car out, the lot-attendant almost had a head on with a taxi who decided to turn down the one way driveway.

Drove home from Seattle, arriving home just after midnight.

Stay tuned for the trip video!

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